3 Drywall Installation Mistakes to Avoid When Doing an Installation Project

Mistakes You Need to Avoid in Installing Your Drywall

Drywall is a crucial element for every home regardless of the size or style. Though drywall installation may seem like a simple task, there are several areas where major mistakes can occur. These mistakes can delay your project or require the purchase of additional drywall. To help you prepare for your drywall project, here are 3 drywall installation mistakes to avoid when doing an installation project.

Driving screws too deep

It can be easy to get carried away with screws and drills during the installation. When screws are driven too deep, they can break the surface of the drywall’s paper face. This can cause the screw to lose its holding power, essentially rendering it useless. You will need to make precise turns during installation to avoid this or use a special drill attachment to regulate the screw’s depth. Should you puncture the paper, it is best to leave the screw in and drive another screw near it.

Excessive sanding

Before installing your drywall, it will need to be sanded down to a smooth surface. Unfortunately, many DIYers sand too much into the paper or fiberglass tape that covers the seams, forcing them to retape to avoid compromising the installation’s integrity. Avoid sanding too much material away and install a light at a low angle to the wall so you can spot any rise or bumps that need to be sanded down.

Making joints too tight

Two adjacent sheets that are joined too tightly together can cause the drywall to crack during installation or over time. It is crucial to allow enough space for seasonal expansion and contraction of the wooden framing materials. Be sure to keep a 1/8-inch space between sheets during installation to keep cracks from occurring.

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